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  • A TELEPHONE CONSULTATION is available so that you can speak directly with the therapist. We can also answer questions regarding office or billing procedures. When more information is needed, we will be glad to speak with you. If no one is available at the time you call, please leave your number and your call will return within 24 hours.

  • A SCREENING is a "quick measure" to determine if there is a communication problem which needs further evaluation, or if communication skills are "within the normal range" for a person's age. A screening is recommended when a problem is suspected, but you are unsure if it is serious enough to warrant testing and therapy. Screenings are also useful for identifying young children with communication delays at an early age.

  • An EVALUATION involves specific testing to diagnose a specific communication disorder, to determine if therapy is needed, and if needed, to determine appropriate therapy goals and procedures. Most testing is completed within a 1 1/2 to 2 hour time slot.

  • THERAPY involves a combination of direct therapy with the child/adult and parent/family education. Educating parents/family on both the disorder and therapy procedures is an important part of our treatment method. Often, family/caregivers will be involved in therapy sessions and or maybe invited to participate in the session. The therapist usually provides a brief description of progress following each therapy session.

  • Hippotherapy uses the horse movement as a therapy tool​ during the session.​  Cynthia is also Level 2 educated by the American Hippotherapy Association and has been using horses as a therapy tool for over 9 years.  Therapy sessions using the horse as a tool during the session involve the licensed Speech Language Pathologist/ Physical/Occupational Therapist providing therapy services as the client moves on a horse.  To find out more about Hippotherapy at  American Hippotherapy Association website.  

DSLS provides individualized evaluations for patients from birth to senior adults. The disorders evaluated include accent reduction, ADD, ADHD, apraxia, aphasia and other stroke related disorders, articulation, dysphagia (swallowing disorders), DPNS swallowing therapy, tongue thrust, expressive/receptive language, fluency (stuttering), voice and auditory processing disorders. Visit the disorders page for more information on these disorders, and visit the my appointment page to learn what's next.